Thread: PVP Call Out.
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01-02-2013, 07:36 AM
I feel your pain as well. My fleet the Divine Protectorate has been struggling just to find quality people who are dedicated to the fleet as a whole, let alone set up a solid premade for PVP. We're almost to T4 on our starbase so it's ever so hard to let go of that much work.

I have been having some pretty good success picking up good groups in OPVP, but sometimes there aren't people who are interested in joining the pugmade.

Best of luck trying to get people in the fleet. If you ever need someone to fill a spot and i'm on don't hesitate to shoot me a team invite. I've got an Engineer and Sci that are pretty decked for PVP and could certainly help fill in if needed. My @ handle is @kahn.