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I've been into this before, and I'm going to bring it up again. In game design, there are two kinds of difficulty you can offer to a player, artificial (bad) and natural (good). Cryptic has taken the artificial route, where NPCs ignore the rules of the game and are equipped with abilities so powerful that they overwhelm the player's ability to resist them. To put it bluntly, this is a terrible solution that reeks of laziness. They should instead give the Borg Hazard Emitters III an AI that promotes cross-healing other Borg ships. This has already been done with the Regeneration Probes, so we know they're capable of it. To balance this out, give them higher sustained DPS (as of now, even with spikes, it's sub-1,000) and remove their ability to spike so outrageously high.
They did do something similar with the Defender they released which, whilst still having a lot of HP, it healed and resisted attacks with (IIRC) Science Team, ASIF3, EPtS and HE (I'm sure there was more too) but the whining from those that think the Spacebar is the most powerful ability in game got it removed. If they'd just given it a couple of extra BA's or increased the weapon power of that particular NPC it would have been an interesting NPC to deal with: It wasn't perfect by any means, and was still easy to defeat due to the low damage it dealt but it was a good start none the less.
I was hoping it was the start of decent NPCs that weren't just bags of HP with the occasional one shot thrown in, but the whining seems to have put a stop to all that, which is a real shame.
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