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01-02-2013, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by jcp26 View Post
I know that, but it's good practice. Elite STFs are hard as hell. If you have only been playing Normal or Advanced missions, you are in for a hell of a shock your first Elite STF. Take from experience. Play Elite and perfect your tactics before you get crushed by the Collective.
That's not really true. The biggest hurdle in ESTFs is the specific strategy involved in it -- the 10% rule in ISE, killing the probes in KASE, etc. Essentially, playing as a team and knowing what to do. Once you understand the strategy and cooperate with your team, ESTFs are incredibly easy.

Elite space missions don't force you to use strategy, they force you to use more of your cooldowns. Enemies only have boosted damage and hit points, not better AI. You don't learn the teamwork skills necessary to succeed in ESTFs.

You might say that Elite missions teach you to use your cooldowns, but they really don't. New players run their ship with whatever they think would be cool or useful, without really a clue as to what's really useful for their play style. For most people, that information comes from other players, not from fighting tough enemies, either from asking in zone chat, or from looking up guides on the forums.