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01-02-2013, 09:10 AM
I use to use these regularly before I hit VA. I agree with your overall impression of them. However, using them is like playing 'chicken'... you need to get up close and personal while using your energy weapons (cannons/phasers, etc...) to wipe out the shields of the enemy and hit them (front and back) just as your literally on top of them. Packs a wallop and sends the ship reeling from the explosion. It takes a particularly play set but they can be a good emergency exit strategy in certain game play.

If playing a regular enemy contact game in sector space one tric will literally take out an entire ship with one hit (i.e. a Mirror Miranda class ship for instance). Using a Boff power will increase the mayhem.

I don't use them anymore myself but for for lower level players who can heal shields and hull relatively well its a great way of getting rid of the enemy, especially if you only have two weapon slots up front and two in the back! Food for thought.