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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I'm not talking about Bridge Officers or Duty Officers, I'm talking about that "stat" number in your character ship that says you have x crew. My Excelsior has 750 crew, for example.

I know there's a meter in my HUD that shows me how many crew I've got alive, injured or dead, and when they are restored. I know some consoles (like the Biofunction Monitor) keep them alive/well.

What what's the point of the Crew? I've noticed mine nearly gone, but don't notice any drop in performance. Is it just an RP thing? Is there any actual consequence to having dead crew?
I've noticed a direct connection to the ability of my sci ship to repair it's hull. I assume less crew equals more time engaging in some ship activities (repairs, defense against boarding parties, emergency engine performance, etc).

With a small sci ship (200 crew) my margins lie on the edge. I care about my crew and invested in crew protection and heal consoles. Without the consoles and crew I've noticed that it takes longer to repair my ship in battle.
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