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Nightingale dropped out of warp, the small blue, green, and purple world of Trill hanging underneath her.

Less than half an hour later, an even smaller vessel slipped out of the shuttle bay and headed on down into the atmosphere. The registration on the side of the Captain's Yacht, Jinx's personal shuttle, named it the USS Symbiont, a fitting name for the vessel a Joined Trill was returning home in.

Completely ignoring the major settlements, Jinx's course took her down to a small island in the middle of Trill's largest ocean. Anyone who knew Jinx and saw the shuttle would never suspect that she was the one flying it. She was flying sensibly for a start, with none of the flamboyance she normally exhibits when piloting. Her rather subdued flight today matched her mood very well.

Settling her Yacht down very gently on a long familiar stretch of beach, Jinx climbed out of her shuttle. Before closing the hatch, she reached back in and pulled out a small bag, a bottle of something and a bunch of flowers.

A short, five minute walk down the beach brought Jinx to her destination - a small plaque embedded in the rock face with a memorial enscribed onto it.

"For the memory of one who yet walks.
When she returns home,
this is where she will lie"

Glancing at the small container at the base of the rock face, the flowers she left here last year were long dead. Jinx frowned. That would not do. Pulling the dead flowers up, she replaced them with the fresh ones she had carried from the shuttle, then emptying the contents of the bag, the cleaned the plaque up as best she could.

Then she dropped to sit in the sand, popped the top off her bottle, raised it in salute to the plaque, then took a drink.

"You know, life is difficult without you," she said to the plaque. "I'm sorry I've not been round much, but you know the life of a Starfleet officer. Always stuff to do. You would not believe the stuff we've had to deal with this year."

The next few hours were taken up with Jinx telling the plaque all about the past year, her encounters with the Borg and other species. The founding of New Romulus, and her adoption of Toram (a young boy given to her care by a tribe of primitives and named after her mentor from Trill). Jinx laughed sadly a little when she explained to the plaque that Quinn had no idea what to do with her now, and how he had told her that Starfleet Academy was a lot more sedate without her there.

"Well, that's me done," Jinx said after draining the last of her bottle. Standing, she finished with "Sorry again it's been a whole year. Tell you what, this year I'll make a New Year Resolution. I'll be back to visit at least every other month. See you soon, my friend."

With tears in her eyes, Jinx turned and walked back to the Symbiont, where she let her mask slip for a few minutes to permit a few tears to roll down her face, before plotting a course back to the Nightingale and her oh so complicated life.

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