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01-02-2013, 09:40 AM
A Ferengi reputation seems viable. Sort of. I feel that the romulan and reman we just got is kinda shoehorning it already. Those two species has never really been that much into befriending the FED in the first place. Klingon meeh, that reputation tree makes me think; again, what's up with this peaceloving handhelding blowlipping flowerpower stuff. The kitten says; "me's owns yoo". I want good oldschool FED vs. everyone else. May so be that the FED is the morally, ethical, shiny knights in white starships. At least let the rest of the galaxy be the sneaky, amoral testosteron-sniffing teethgrinders that OPPOSE the FED. This reputation thing has actually nothing to do with reputation afaik. It is a attempt to cover up a grinding system under a false flag. Nothing more. I believe this has been an attempt to have the players create their own personal stores where they can buy stuff. Imo a utterly, completely unnecessary beating around the bush to get to a couple of items. Most of them we'll never use anyway. -4hour entourages anyone?

A vulcan and andorian and saurian thing would in my opinion work much better.
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