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This is a slightly updated and proofread version of the biography of my first STO character, Vice Admiral T'Phira:

T'Phira is currently the Vice Admiral in charge of the Logistical Division of Ragnarok fleet. Ragnarok is responsible for experimental technology evaluation and development.

Born as an orphan on a Federation colony, T'Phira developed a habit of speaking with a layer of snarkiness over the usual Vulcan demeanor. This was her way to cope with the various alien species and their different cultures while growing up and continues throughout her career in Starfleet.

Her first command is the U.S.S. Minovsky, a Miranda-class starship as part of Ragnarok Fleet. The Minovsky saw action against the Doomsday Device during the Klingon War. As a result of the damage, T'Phira changed her command to the U.S.S. Valley Forge, a Constitution Refit-class starship. The Valley Forge was involved with the Guardian of Forever and in restoring the timeline.

As events unfold near the Romulan Neutral Zone, T'Phira was given command of the Modified Cheyenne-class starship, U.S.S. Tiger's Claw and ordered to investigate. Incidents in Romulan Space would push the Tiger's Claw to its very limits but the ship emerged victorious. T'Phira was then ordered to Cardassian space as captain of the Galaxy-class starship, U.S.S. Lucifer's Fury. The Lucifer's Fury would find itself confronting the True Way and their supporters.

With the Borg and Undine on the move, T'Phira was deployed in command of the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Athena's Wrath as part of an allied effort. At one point, the Athena's Wrath was recalled from the front lines to deal with the Breen Invasion of Deferi Space. Successful, the Athena's Wrath returned to help with confronting the Undine.

Recently, T'Phira went to Earth to receive the new Odyssey-class, U.S.S. Freyja?s Anger. This ship would be her flagship during the return of temporally displaced Dominion forces. Afterwards, T?Phira briefly commanded the Excelsior Refit-class U.S.S. Minerva?s Fire and the Chimera-class Heavy Destroyer U.S.S. Aphrodite?s Flames, while the Freyja?s Anger underwent repairs and upgrades in drydock.
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