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No bias, please.
Heh, I'll try, though once you start pvp'ing, if you like it, you'll findit nigh on impossible to avoid this

I am level 14 and am interested in eventually PvP'ing. I know PvP is in a bad state right now in STO but i want to know am i wasting my time thinking of PvP as an end-game?
Absolutely not. In fact, pvp is the only end game, provided you are after something not mind numbingly, monotonously boring. (See what I mean about the hard to avoid part )

Do i need to deck my ship in ugly Borg gear to be good?
You can turn off the visuals if you don'y like them. Borg MACO, whatever. You can have all the stats and buffs with none of the sparkle, if you so desire.

Is PvP balanced in any way?
Not in it's current state, no.

How many month(s) of grinding gear would i need to do to reach PvP end-game?
In days gone by, you could take a notion to try something new in a fresh character slot, and level to cap and have all the gear you'd need to get started in a weekend. Nowadays with all the BS grind for unbalanced passives, and the grind for chances at the best gear I'd imagine it would take signifigantly longer to reach the 'baseline' (That said, the better players in mkX common gear will still steamroll the twits that populate the queues decked out in the best ships, with all the faction gear and purple consoles). Perhaps some of the peeps around here still sticking at this pos can fill you in on the specifics of additional grind added recently (Incidentally, I'd be keen to read the answer to this too, from a maybe getting back into the game at some point point of view).

Do PvP builds vary a lot from PvE builds?
Yes, but only because so many pve builds are so retarded.
The average pvp build will cream pve. The average pve build is dead inside 5 seconds in pvp.

Does Cryptic have anything in the pipeline to improve PvP?
They never have and likely never will (at least until they figure out how best to monetise it). If any studio personel ever tries to tell you different, link them this:
I play a cruiser/engineering style. Traditionally a 'tank' type in MMO's
Dispel the notion of being a tank. It doesn't exist as a role in sto pvp.
You can have tank, every ship does to greater or lesser degrees, but to be a tank is nothing in sto pvp.
You have no mechanism by which to hold aggro from other players, ergo the only purpose served is taking the place of a valuable role in the team.
The most similar role would likely be healer or bruiser type cruiser builds, predominantly based around team support and light supportive dps/spam clear.
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