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01-02-2013, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by flotahispana View Post
Of course the user must read for any available method of information, but I also understand the people who just trust in the tooltips. Cause, come on, the breen ship, the big prize of the winter event, couldnt the devs put the right text instead of using a cheap copypasta?
Okay, out of the misunderstand you have had with the "trust(ing) in the tooltips", I will personally make it up to you. I will personally drive the Whaambulance to your house and give you a package of cookies, so you may have your just deserts.

Duder, its a FREE ship, that everyone had more than an opportunity to earn by doing some races! There really wouldn't have been much value in it anyways, a month later we will get a better ship. You got it for free, use it, love it, be its friend.

Most importantly READ THE FORUMS!!!!!