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01-02-2013, 10:59 AM
Our group plays Hive Onslaught on elite a lot, often a few times a day. Is it ultra difficult? Not really, but you need to be disciplined. 3/4 times we get all 3 optionals.

You need to pull a set of spheres and a cube and eliminate them, stupidly the spheres are a more serious threat then the tac cube. You can do this until you eliminate 3 sets and then start pouncing on the last bunch. Where HOSE goes wrong can be many many places, no real tank is an issue, people that don't heal others is a problem as well, and people using AoE firing without thought can cause major problems. There is one massive problem out of the players control which needs the dev's attention and that is the Houston, that ship can agro 5 sets of cubes/spheres and wipe your whole team. Didn't they learn from Sulu in Terradome? We need to have some control over this ship, or allow us to call it in before part 2.

90% of the deaths in our group come from one thing... torpedo spreads. The unimatrix ships torp spread can be survived often, an escort with EPtS1 up most often dies, EPtS2/3 will survive. The queen's torp spread is far worse than the unimatrix ships, it one hits cruisers almost always. There really is no defense to the ability either, you can see the buff icon on the enemy, but it fires more often than brace for impact is available. So unless you never look at anything else its going to kill you over and over and over, the visual display of torp spread occurs after you take the damage. It needs to be stepped back to make HOSE not full of one shots.

The bug that makes you respawn without any ship movement controls for up to 2 minutes needs to be fixed as well, you have no control of where you can fly. In any STF that is a major problem, from running into cubes, gates or unimatrix ships.