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sensor scan is on such a long cooldown, that you can easily time it with an aux battery, problem solved.
also, 3500 dps for 12 secs is very very low, unless you are refering to the turrets alone (in that case, it is good)
In terms of theory, yes sensor scan is on a 2 minutes cooldown... but in terms of practice, are we really sure that would be a problem? Besides the fact sensor scan is not for a single target (like attack pattern beta or delta) but it takes multiple targets in its range. This, combined with gravity well and a scatter volley, would do really nice damage
Obviously, I'm referring to PvE scenarios and, obviously, all these abilities (except CSV) are powered by aux. Sometimes, a battery isn't enough: because these abilites aren't the only ones that you use that depends by aux power: HE, Aux2SIF, TSS... these are the ones which keep you alive. You can't DPS if you blow up right? Sure even at low power levels they do something but the vesta doesn't have that much hull, and your shields will lower quickly in an intense PvP match 3vs1 (just for instance) or if the tac cube notes your shiny hull. So having some more aux power is really useful!

Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
for tricobalt builds, I would not say you should not use aux, with a tricobalt build I would use the aux DHCs, I just dont like how circumstancial tricobalts are, so I just dont use them.
however even on that build I would think on how useful the aux cannons are (in this case not the aux part is questioned, but the firing arc of DHCs generally).
still, using the aux cannons on an avg dps build (DHC+turrets) is just a stupid way of losing dps
The turnrate isn't a problem. It isn't that big problem pointing your cannons on your target thanks to its low inertia rate. I say this not based on its specs but based on an active use of that ship. Then, as for the dhc+turrets standard build, I agree with you but keep in mind this build isn't so "standard" for a ship like the vesta.
In fact this is, after all, a science ship. Sure, it can mount cannons etc etc but it's still made for sci characters: it has a sci commander, 3 weapons fore 3 aft, Subsystem targeting and the sensor analysis passive ability too.
So, think about it. It's not all about raw DPS. Although it can dps more than a cruiser and a normal sci ship it's not an escort... you are a sci. Your main objective isn't being the best dpser but the best supporter and to do this you almost Always need auxiliary power at high levels. Only with high aux you'll compensate low hull, and debuff your enemy enough to let your dps kill it. So the aux DHCs are perfect for this task. I use them an I can get probes on KASE and kill them almost immediately. If I don't have enough debuff because I'm on CD or something else... here comes trico mines. They're useful for many many tasks, I always keep them slotted.
People still don't understand that, sure, STO is mainly focused in DPS, but numbers sometimes can't express what you get in your face while you're fighting something or someone. You need to considerate practical results and those results tell me that I won't do the same DPS of an escort (which sci ship does?) but I always accomplish my objective.
Hope I didn't tire you with such a loooong endless answer but I wanted to explain things clearly. The vesta is such a wonderful ship not for its DPS (which are undoubtly higher than every other sci ship though) but for it's awesome versatility which fits perfectly a captain who wants to get a ship which can be a real compromise between sci playstile, heal capabilities, keeping your dps good. Concluding standard dhc+turret build isn't standard at all on those hybrid ships. You need to experiment a bit to find a suitable build for it. And tricobalt mines can help in this case: aux dhcs strip shields, trico mines finish the work, shortly. In PvP things may change but again you need to experiment