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if only DEM doff's effect lasted more then 8 seconds, they might be worth using for an over time damage weapon like DCs, singles or beam arrays. they would be good with a BO3/DHC alpha dealing maximum shield rending damage right before torps finish someone off, might be something worth trying on your birds.

go ahead and post a birdy builds if you like, thread still lacks them. im afraid to try to come up with any theoretically good bird builds due to having basically no actual experience with them. im sure you wouldn't hold back any criticism

i proboly wont be on for 6 to 8 more hours from now

also ya i cant spell or grammar to well. i blame being taught to best guess and write what your thinking quickly, and then go back and edit after. on a web forum, i do a LOT less editing after
One dem doff seems to be working great on the tac heavy cruisers. You pop that with CRF or CSV and you don't see power loss. In general that's the only times that my eng does see a drop so it's nice in that spot. Also great when you use the autocannon on a Bortas. I have YET to try it with the preloading BO3 and a Javelin or Lance, but that's next.

I have a bird build, but I'm assured its junky and won't work.


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