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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
One dem doff seems to be working great on the tac heavy cruisers. You pop that with CRF or CSV and you don't see power loss. In general that's the only times that my eng does see a drop so it's nice in that spot. Also great when you use the autocannon on a Bortas. I have YET to try it with the preloading BO3 and a Javelin or Lance, but that's next.

I have a bird build, but I'm assured its junky and won't work.


(omg u snuck in and changed 'continence' to 'contents'!! NINJA edit!)
yep, you can ninja edit if you do it before a minute passes. top suggestion in spell check failed me!

junky and wont work? but theres so much video evidence to the contrary!

Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post

dem with dual cannons huh?

i didnt think the xtra little bolt with dem would be more potent than the dhc burst.....hmmmmm.....
not even DEM, and the DEM doff can makes DC's measure up really. if it wasn't for their energy hog nature they share with beam arrays, singles, etc... they would be ok. they would still be less front loaded and need more time on target to theoretically deal the same damage as a DHC though.
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