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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Har har har... -.-

Actual purpose behind that was because Engineers are not intended as the primary damage dealers. That's the Tactical's job.
Nah, but they are intended to be strong supplemental damage dealers. Being an engineer is no excuse for doing subpar damage to what an engineer is capable of.

I had a ENG in a odyssey cruiser in a pug KASE yesterday yelling at some other folks for being bad. I checked my damage meter and he was doing sub 1500 DPS. I told him he didn't have any right to be yelling at anyone. He said "I'm a tank, my damage doesn't matter".

If course you can't tank jack if you can't hold aggro, and you can't hold aggro if you can't do damage. On top of that, now I'm having to do an extra 1500 DPS just to make up for him being a "tank" because he can't pull his minimum DPS load, while tanking the entire time because he doesn't have a prayer of keeping threat from me.

This game is far more degrees of gray than black and white. DPS, healing, debuffing and survivability is all cross profession to some degree. The sooner people learn that the better off everyone is.

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