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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post

You needed team mates, this thing is a beast you shouldn't need teammates

Hint for you drop all that romulan spam it's useless especially in pvp

Fore -

3=polaron dhcs 1dbb

Aft - 3 turrrets 1 tric mine

I make use of EPs transfer and nadion inversion

Stuff seems to go pop straight away I have no problem getting cannons on target all the time and even if they don't pop this thin can survive even a Mayan appocolypsr

All this being said I don't like using it too many people have it gives me massive lols people using it as a beam boat
So, how many Hive Tac cubes have you solo'd without any deaths with the above build? And honestly, I didn't need my team mates to defeat the cube -- I was burning away its huge hull point pool without taking any real damage. My team mates only jumped in to speed up the process after zerging the borg near the spawn point

Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
You should be able to get more dps with a setup like this instead.

fore- 3 DHC and 1 DBB or torpedo, or just 4 DHC
aft- 3 turrets and 1 tricobalt mine or 4 turrets
I'm using plasma on the Chel Grett specifically to test out the new Romulan energy weapons for PVE, especially the Experimental Romulan Beam Array. Given all the set shield plasma resists out there, I'd go antiproton for PVP. At the moment, my Chel Grett is being used for PVE farming, and I make several million EC a day thanks to this set-up Since the new Romulan set enjoys +7.6% plasma damage, there's little reason not to use them in PVE. All my DHC's and turrets are Mk XII [Acc] [CrtD] [CrtH].

The Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torp Launcher is ideal for taking slow moving or stationary targets at long range -- it is an excellent ESTF gate buster at 9km out with no danger to its user whatsoever and drops 3 shield-ignoring plasma dots on its target per 8 second salvo, and this damage ramps up dramatically with 3 PWO DOFF's.

BTW, the cutting beam + borg console Omega Weapon Amplifier set bonus makes EPtW unnecessary. This allows you to focus on your EPtS + TT non-stop.

As you can see, plasma is worth another review in S7...

EDIT: please don't take my word for any of the above. Go test it out yourself

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