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Santiago: Of course. I need to be addressing the public anyway.

*Khitomer System. U.S.S. Valiant and R.S.S. John F. Kennedy on standby.

The Assault Ops transport jumps out of warp and begins moving towards the Valiant.*

Valiant Comm. Officer *Over Comm.*: Assault Shuttle Delta 1 you are cleared for docking in Bay 2.

Crenshaw *Over Comm.*: Copy that, Valiant. Be advised, we have secured both HVIs plus 3.

*Chester waits in the Docking Bay with Commander Hill as the Shuttle lands, hearing the Landing gear thud as they touch down on the deck. He watches Crenshaw's team lead Vala, Tarak, and the other 3 Romulans of the Shuttle.*

Chester: Nice work, Commander. You can return to the Kennedy whenever you're ready.

Crenshaw: Yes, sir.

*Crenshaw leads his team back into the shuttle and it takes off.*

Chester: Praetor Vala, it's an honour.

Vala: The honour is mine, Director.

Chester: Director Cole spoke highly of you, prior to his passing. We're all deeply diminished by his loss.

Vala: It was a sad day for my people, also.

Chester: Mr Tarak, we'll be escorting you and the Praetor to Caspian III for the conference. S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently in S.H.A.W. mode anyway, and the Valiant is equipped for stealth operations.

Tarak: Most generous of you, Director.

Chester: Commander Hill, if you would be so kind, please show our guests to their quarters.

Hill: This way please.

*She leads the Romulans out of the Docking Bay and Chester walks to a turbolift.*

*San Francisco, Earth. President Santiago stands at a podium in the burnt remains of Starfleet Academy.*

Santiago: People of the Federation, I will not lie to you. We are beaten. Our forces are scattered and our Core worlds blistered by M's assault. But, make no mistake, we have survived. We have survived in the face of total annihilation and we will CONTINUE to survive!

Everyone in the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrants have been shaken by the past few months; the destruction of Vulcan, our surrender to the Iconian Empire, and foremost on our minds M's assault. But, life goes on. Worlds continue to turn, galaxies continue to spin, the Universe - and all her wonders - continue to expand.

We will rebuild. Though it will be hard, and it will take time, we will rebuild. To that end, I present Ambassador Soval of Vulcan.

*Soval walks up to the podium, as Santiago helps him. The public wait anxiously (Soval hasn't been seen or heard from since the destruction of Vulcan, nor has T'mar) as Soval grips his staff with his left hand. He takes down the hood covering his face with his right hand as a recorder flies up to him and moves back to view the whole podium. He then grips his staff with his right hand as well.*

Soval: Thank you, President Santiago.

It is an honour to stand before all of you. It is a strange feeling. I saw my world ripped apart by an Iconian Warship. I escaped, barely, thanks to the efforts of one Starfleet Officer aboard the U.S.S. Venture, who died attempting to rescue other civilians on the planet.

Logic dictates that I should not have survived, and yet, logic also dictates that I am alive, or I would not be standing before you all now.

It is a strange puzzle I have come to accept about life. Another puzzle I have come to accept, is human stubbornness. On Vulcan, when a building falls down we look at the architecture, as there must logically be a flaw in the construction. When we find it, we rebuild. When it falls down again, we realise our logic must be flawed and move onto other constructs. But on Earth, when a building falls down, you rebuild it. When it falls down again, you rebuild it again. And again, and again, and again, until it stays. It is the unfathomable mystery of your existence, but it also shows why you will always survive. You are stubborn. You are unruly - you value freedom more than your lives - and therefore cannot be ruled.

A great many buildings have fallen down recently, but you will rebuild all of them, and build even more.

We thank President Santiago for designating Caspian IV a Code 9 World, and allowing the Vulcan people to colonise it in 2 weeks time.

I, personally, thank President Santiago for inviting me here. It has been 50 Earth years since I was last here, and it is good to be here again, even under these circumstances.

The building behind us was a place I spent 20 consecutive years of my life, yet it does not hurt to see it demolished as it is, because you will rebuild it. And, being humans, I'm certain you will rebuild it bigger and better than it previously was.

It hurts more knowing how many died on this site. We will all mourn their loss, and honour their memory.

May their souls, and the souls of all of you, Live Long and Prosper.

*The crowd erupts in applause as Soval steps down and a Vulcan Security Officer leads him off the stage. Santiago returns to the podium.*

Santiago: Well said, Ambassador.

And, we will rebuild all we have lost. From today, work has begun designing the new Starfleet Academy on this site. However, Ex Astris Scientia shall no longer be just a place where the Starfleet Officers and Explorers of future generations are trained, it shall also serve as a memorial to all who have died.

Thank you.

*The crowd erupts in another applause as Secret Service lead the President off the Stage and to the Presidential Shuttle waiting for him.*
J'Tal watches the speech as it is given and nods as he listens to the two speak. Thinking to himself of sovals words.He takes out a bottle of romulan ale and purs himself a glass as he thinks of those no longer here. His father now dead the security of the empire has fallen to him. He wonders would the romulan empire be able to stand if such a crisis hit again.His mind goes to the present talks that are going to comence. he sips his ale as he calls up a list of all the romulan ships and there deployment.He knows his first step will have to be to bolster up the empires military.He has grown to respect many people now after the recent wars but he also knows the romulan empire needs to be able to stand up against any threat that comes there way.he also decides it is time to go have a discreet talk with the federations new president and see there current stand and plan on future events.

J'tal: helm set course for sol inform them i the head of the tal shiar would like to speak to the president.

helm: yes sir.

J'tal then returns to the screen looking over the list of romulan dead after the battle. and stops on one name. he stares at coles name for some time. cole had been more of a mentor to him then his own father. and now he had lost both.He says a whispers a few words before shutting off the screen and returning to the bridge of the Nova.