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90% of the deaths in our group come from one thing... torpedo spreads. The unimatrix ships torp spread can be survived often, an escort with EPtS1 up most often dies, EPtS2/3 will survive. The queen's torp spread is far worse than the unimatrix ships, it one hits cruisers almost always. There really is no defense to the ability either, you can see the buff icon on the enemy, but it fires more often than brace for impact is available. So unless you never look at anything else its going to kill you over and over and over, the visual display of torp spread occurs after you take the damage. It needs to be stepped back to make HOSE not full of one shots.

Keep your ships in her 90 degree and the spread will spread damage amongst multiple ships instead of one-shotting a single ship that eats the brunt. The same thing with any torp spread.This is a common MMO mechanic, and one of STOs greatest failings is that it's player base seems to refuse to be able to handle even the most basic of teamwork exercises. Instead of saying "how do we beat this?", we scream for it to be nerfed. Frankly it's embarrassing.

Also, if anyone can show me a vid where you legitimately get one-shot where I can't point out something blatantly wrong with what you are doing that could have prevented it, I'll give you an Internet cookie. Resolution must be high enough to see buffs.

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