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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
3k for sci/cruisers; 3.5k for carriers; 4k for escorts. Those are the bare minimum before other people are having to pick up your slack to make optionals. I'd say 70% of pug players don't reach those easily obtainable marks, many of them of which are complaining about other players in a particularly popular thread on these forums.
Curious about these numbers... I think they are fairly low. For example, without activating any skills:
Unbonused Mk XII turrets (skilled but without consoles) will be around 450 DPS each.
Unbonused Mk XII beam bank around 650 DPS
Kinetic Cutting Beam: 700 DPS
Carrier Hangar Bays: 1000 DPS per bay (with all pets deployed)... normally a bit higher, but they come out to around this in the long run when you consider the relaunch time, etc. Keep them on "Attack" mode if you are counting them in your ship's DPS. Varies with playstyle and type of hangar pet, but 1000 DPS/hangar bay is a quite conservative, attainable value
Unbonused Mk XII quantum torp (skilled but without consoles) around 425 DPS

I say all this above to get to this point: consider a cruiser with a forward torp, 3 beams forward, 3 turrets and a kinetic cutting beam in the back. That's well over 4000 DPS without tac consoles or critical hits or anything.

As a point of reference, here's a breakdown of my recluse carrier (could do the same with an atrox, because i'm not adding in skills, CPT powers, etc in the values... just in-space tooltip values). I have good gear equipped (2x Purp Mk XII Quant Consoles, borg/rom/rule 62 console, 2-piece adapted MACO set bonus):
2x Mk XII Quantum Torps with 3x Purple PWO Doffs. Effective ROF is 5.4 torps per 8 secs (if you are curious about the math say so and I'll make a separate post about PWOs ROF here)... tooltip DPS is 747.6, expected pre-skill, pre-BoFF skill, pre-critical strike DPS for these torpedoes: 4037
1x Mk XI Plasma Beam. 596 DPS (will be higher with the MkXII rom experimental beam)
1x Kinetic Cutting Beam. 720 DPS
2x Mk XII Romulan Plasma Turrets. 458 DPS each. 917 for the pair.
2x Hangar Bays. 1000 DPS each. 2000 for the pair.

So... for a carrier, this is 8200 DPS before CPT abilities, BoFF abilities, or critical hits. Also, you might see a bit less if you can't keep pointed at the target for the torps (so lower in PVP). I could push these values higher with adding the rom. experimental beam or some romulan plasma science consoles.

Even if you quibble with this value or that value, any decently-fit ship, flown by any captain, should be able to get well over 5 or 6k DPS (pre-captain skill/boff ability/critical hits). Really good ones should be able to get in the 8-10k DPS range.