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01-02-2013, 01:16 PM
The problem with the C-store is that most of the stuff we want to buy, like ships, are account wide unlocks. We the players like this since we only have to buy something once and we have it forever. Cryptic and PWE don't like this since they can only sell us something once. That's why fleet ships are character unlocks only. That's why so much development time is spent on lock boxes since anything from them is character only. They hope that we will see something and then there is the chance that we will buy it for more than one character. And that's why the only new "costume" that came to the C-store was character only and cost 700 zen, they figured that was the break even point for the enviromental suit, and I can only guess that since not enough people bought them, they're not going to do that again.

So, I doubt that we will see much in the C-store ever again. Uniforms, costumes, special ships, weapons, all of that is going straight to the lock boxes and the Lobi store. Personally, I'm just hoping that they put the andorian ship in the C-store, I'd probably break down if it went in a lock box.
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