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01-02-2013, 01:22 PM
So I might be wrong here... but basically you need to rename this thread: My Hardship in the Reputation System. Because tbh, you didn't give any real feedback. Just whining. The majority of your post was complaints upon complaints upon complaints. Very few suggestions for improvements, very few actually constructive comments.

But out of your whole post there are a few things I would like to comment on.

First off, you are complaining about 20 hour wait times. *****. Please. Just be happy it isn't 40 hours anymore. And you have all the materials, blah blah blah. This is supposed to be an INVESTMENT of both time and resources. This is not an instant gratification game. There are plenty of us who have gone all the way to tier 5 with these limits, myself included. Yes, it was annoying, yes it was time-consuming, but you know what, everything good in life isn't cheap, it isn't free, and it takes time.

Secondly, your complaints on the marks instead of dil. Um... news flash, you can convert marks into dil. At a very fair rate too. 50 marks for 500 dil. Herp!!!

Thirdly, none of the blind unlocks cost dil, and the items that do cost dil, you can review them before slotting them. Which brings me to the cancel button you're asking for. You do know it warns you that you cannot cancel a project once you have it slotted/started right? It specifically tells you that and asks you for a confirmation. And if you slot projects in the next project tab, that's your own fault then. You need to pay attention to what it is you're doing.

However, I do agree that the cap of 20 on regens and hypos is rather annoying. But that's about the only thing I agree with on your post.
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