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Originally Posted by toiva View Post
...However, it is better to prevent damage than to mitigate it afterwards. ...That's also the answer to those who claim the Kang is weak; if CSE is well played, it's never even shot at. It could be a sheet of paper and it wouldn't matter.
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Actually if you're at a point that you need to heal the Kang , you have already failed as a guard (and/or endangered the optional)...
I completely agree with both Toiva and Aelfwin1 here. In my CSE runs, the ones that flowed easiest and were most successful, were the ones where the Kang Guard delivered Heavy Offense from either an Escort or Carrier (though I have seen it done superbly by both Cruiser and Sci ships, too). With such a Guardian, the Kang is never even touched.

That being said, if you "only" have average players, who are determined and can follow direction, you can still make do. It doesn't have to be a highly-skilled and decked out team. Just yesterday I took friends through CSE, only half of us are regular STFers and have top-end gear/builds. The others... Gave the impression that they - Well, not so much (experience/gear). But they had heart, and more importantly, Paid Attention/Followed Direction(*). We had to throw some heals at Kang, and we didn't break any speed records, but we beat the Optional and Completed the whole mission successfully. It was a fun run!

(*) The majority of directions were explaining MRRMLL with a just a handful of lines of text in Lobby Chat prior to starting the Private Action. Everyone was on-board and paid attention. Good times.

Again, my point being is that "anyone" can beat these missions. But it does take some knowledge (which this thread has provided, really) and effort (you're on your own there ).

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post different... as for strategies
Thanks for the Hive Guide. I'll keep those notes for our next trip there.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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