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J'Tal watches the speech as it is given and nods as he listens to the two speak. Thinking to himself of sovals words.He takes out a bottle of romulan ale and purs himself a glass as he thinks of those no longer here. His father now dead the security of the empire has fallen to him. He wonders would the romulan empire be able to stand if such a crisis hit again.His mind goes to the present talks that are going to comence. he sips his ale as he calls up a list of all the romulan ships and there deployment.He knows his first step will have to be to bolster up the empires military.He has grown to respect many people now after the recent wars but he also knows the romulan empire needs to be able to stand up against any threat that comes there way.he also decides it is time to go have a discreet talk with the federations new president and see there current stand and plan on future events.

J'tal: helm set course for sol inform them i the head of the tal shiar would like to speak to the president.

helm: yes sir.

J'tal then returns to the screen looking over the list of romulan dead after the battle. and stops on one name. he stares at coles name for some time. cole had been more of a mentor to him then his own father. and now he had lost both.He says a whispers a few words before shutting off the screen and returning to the bridge of the Nova.
Secretary *Over comm.*: Mr President?

Santiago: Yes?

Secretary *Over comm.*: There's a Romulan Vessel on a course for Sol. The claim to be carrying the Head of the Tal Shiar, and he's asking to speak with you, sir.

Santiago: Have a ship escort them to Earth.

*A few minutes later, an Odyssey-Class Starship meets up with J'tal's ship to escort it to Earth.*

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