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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
A flat resist to all energy types, say 15%, would be a nice compromise. That would put it between my ideal, 10%, and the reality of the constant 20% that will happen in PvP.
If one likes the idea of stacks and wants to turn it into a gameplay mechanics (avoid hitting the target with energy type X, then do a super buffed alpha with type X to power through it before it can fully trigger), it needs to be implemented in a different fashion.

E.g. a maximum of one stack can be gained per 2 seconds and the stacks drop off after a really short period of time, say no more than 5 to 10 seconds. This would allow for 2 to 5 stacks in a pressure damage situation.

Having it apply to max within the first 5 or 10 shots makes stacking quite pointless as a gameplay mechanic and having the stacks last 30s makes any gameplay centered around waiting for them to drop off impractical.

Another thing to consider:

These shields also come in [ResA] and [ResB] variants which provide an additional flat 15% reduction against 4 (?) energy types. Combined, this is a really big resist.

So maybe change the stacks so that it can only be 5 or 10 stacks max in total, over all energy types? This way one could counter these shields by diversifying one's weaponry.

What is the design intention here? What is the intended resist level? How strong is it supposed to be in comparison to resist abilities like EPtS, TSS, RSF?

Also: we have had shields with resist modifiers in the game since launch. These were balanced by the fact that they gave up a significant amount of capacity if one wanted to defend against more than one energy type. This drawback doesn't seem to apply to the elite shields (and this balancing factor is also further reduced by the fact that we had a huge increase in shield capacities since launch).

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