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01-02-2013, 02:21 PM

Most like their mission creation platform is vastly different than the one provided to us, a simple copy paste is likely not possible. More than likely each object has to be manually selected, categorized and entered into foundry and tested that it doesn't crash foundry. Also there is not likely some simple interface for them to do all of this, they might have to add the code themselves.

If so, that would take a team of interns quite a while to do this.

All speculation of course.

If I'm wrong though it suggests one or some combination of the following: 1. adding elements to foundry is of the lowest priority, 2. they are severely understaffed and have more important issues to deal with like fixing the exchange, 3. they simply don't want foundry missions to be on par or better than episode missions

I'd like to think the last one isn't the case as a fully functional foundry would be a great thing for the game, just look at any other game that has a strong player content creation. Those games tend to get developed and supported by players for years beyond the developer themselves.