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Originally Posted by broodwyn View Post
We do need the voyager uniform, its NOT a Variant uniform
Yes it is.

That Uniform was used at early seasons of DS9, then replaced by a near equal one (it would be just a color swamp if they did not slightly changed the shoulders area), it was also in use in Generations and then was changed to the later seasons of DS9.

Voyager being stranded in the Delta Quadrant never got the memo they were a change in uniform and keep using it, it was not NEVER Voyager uniform as DS9 certainly used it and it also certainly predates Voyager.

The uniform you keep incorrectly referring as the Voyager uniform was in use by Starfleet since the late 2360's replacing the later season TNG uniform and then replaced by the later season DS9 uniform.

The differences of both are minor, its just a color swamp for most part as there was no changes in insignia or combadge, in fact speaking of Combadges it seems Voyager was using the one that is NOT the TNG combadge but rather the later seasons DS9 uniform combadge, that is the most striking difference Voyager had with DS9 first seasons that used the TNG combadge.

Back to a earlier point, we had two TNG uniforms and there are more notable differences that in this case, to start the first TNG uniform was a jumpsuit as the later was pants and jackets (in fact it was changed because it was giving the actors back problems) even if it still maintaining the same color scheme it without a doubt different.

Yet in this case the only notable change is ... a color swamp oh and vertical stitches on the shoulder area.

As I said, if its to use the uniform you keep referring incorrectly as "Voyager uniform" then the later TNG uniform should be changed to the first season uniform in order to maintain coherence since it would display ALL first versions of the uniforms (with the exception of the TOS since that is not the uniform we seen in The Cage but that one is not available in the game).