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01-02-2013, 03:44 PM
Short Term

Requesting some items for the GPL store (or if appropriate Lobi Store or Z-Store):

-Latinum Horta! Both non-combat permanent and combat consumable.
-Tribble of Latinum. Buff: Every hour or day you recieve 10 or 100 GPL, respectively.
-Latinum rings.
-A matching pants for the Ferengi Entrepreneur's Jacket. Why is there a matching skirt but no pants? For this item I would suggest using "Off Duty - Pants - Loose Long", under Lower select "Basic 4" as the template and line the side with GPL. Simple easy copy/paste-ish work imo. Quick $ for you. Make it happen
-Weapons made/lined with GPL: Sword, Falchion, Lirpa, or maybe a new weapon model.
-Earrings. You've done this already however, allow males to wear earrings too. Bajoran males aren't the only ones who have free reign on earrings you know
-Latinum EVA suit.

Mid Term

-Allow the D'Kora to change its designation to SS
-This pertains to the D'Kora. Lower the Ferengi Marauder 3 piece set bonus:
"Friends in High Places" to 1 hour instead of 2
-Within the D'Kora bridge, replace each of the 6 hexagons on the walls with trophy shelves. And directly behind the Dabo table create an alcove for a floor trophy

Long Term

-While I'm on the subject of bridges... create a unique bridge for the Ferengi Na'Far or more shuttle bridge selections as well.