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01-02-2013, 03:59 PM
- Fewer lockbox ships; more C-store ships (self-explanatory)
- Year change to 2410, onward [i](come on, all this stuff can't be happening inside one year)
- "Gangnam style" emote (just kidding!)
- More of those "generic" ships for the random alien races

- Full KDF faction (levels 1-50, more episode missions, unique tutorial and opening cinematic)
- More FEs (New Romulus, as awesome as it is, is kind of grindy)
- More Foundry love (assets, mechanics, etc)

- Romulan playable faction (preferably one of the "enemy" factions)
- Better exploration (possibly involving Foundry)
- Develop those minor alien races from exploration clusters (Phaonian, Vito'D, Zantil, etc)
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