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01-02-2013, 03:21 PM
I setup my Breen ship like I did my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, but with all my old gear.

4x Phaser DHCs (fore), 3x Phaser turrets (aft), 1x Phaser beam array (aft)

4x Phaser Relay mk xi (blue), 1x Field Generator (blue), Breen console, 1x Embassy Shield Emitter (-threat, +plasma DOT), RCS console mk xi (blue), Assimilated Module, and Zero-Point Energy Conduit

BOFF layout:
Tact: 2x TT, C:SV1, APD1, APO1, C:RF3
Eng: 2x EPtS1, RSP1
Sci: HE1, TSS2, TSS3

Ship equipment:
MACO mk XI Deflector and Shield
OMEGA mk XII engine

It's a bit hard to get used to, but it's not a bad ship. Overall, it appears that this ship has more power to all of the subsystems than my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit (most likely because of the Zero-Point Energy Conduit).

In comparison, this ship has about 3-4k more hull and about 1.5k more shields. But, at the cost of less flight speed (26 instead of 28) and a lot less turn rate (28 instead of 42). Even with the significantly less turn rate, it still turns pretty well.

I'll probably stick with my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, but if I wanted a ship to use for the sake of having something else to fly, I suppose this would be the ship.

I like an all cannon build, but I think having 4 turrets on the aft may affect my power regen rate. So, I think it's best to use something that will only activate when I'm not firing my fore.

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