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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
So why didn't you just come on here and say "I don't fly one cause I don't know how to fly one."? I mean that's what your saying right? Don't worry though, we aren't gonna get into this. You just keep on not being able to do stuff and blaming the stuff, the devs, and anyone but yourself. But please, stop telling other people that they can't do it.

And why the heck are you bringing carriers into this? Budget Bortas in KA Fleet Vor'cha Bortas in Cure and Fleet Event

It is a big slow ship. It has some fun consoles. The ubercannon combined with dem doffs is uber silly. If you don't mind driving a ship like it's a huge assualt ship, its great. Think of a WWII style SP Gun. The other ships are just insanely fast. I really like the console and boff layout on the fleet Vor'cha, but hey, they are all capable ships. The only obvious bonus of the Bortas set is that you do gain 3 ships that you could set up for different missions. I admit I didn't. I simply kept the command version.

Cheers happy flying, and this ship is fun for any borg stf. Except maybe the ground missions. And don't let anyone tell you different.

PS: Romulan or the Transport Escort events all my toons use escorts. Just the way it is those are speedy turny missions. The right tool for the job and all that.
Thissler is not making this up, for I did the same thing. My build was slightly different than Thissler's, but I used uncommon and common gear (only had one or two rare items), Cannons and Turrets, and even a Quantum Torpedo for Torpedo Spread 2. I went through both Khitomer Accord Elite and Infected Elite with this setup and did incredibly well.

In STF's you can line up the shots well enough as the Borg move slowly and give you that time. I would be daft to take the Bortasqu into a PVP match though, but that's just me. Some people are crazy enough to take a cannon equipped Bortas'qu into a PVP match and make it work

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