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Here is a Google-based Spreadsheet about all of the T5 ships that a level 40 (or Rear Admiral and Brigadier General) character and higher can fly. You can use this to compare different types of ships together, and determine which one you like the most stat-wise.


What does this Spreadsheet do?

This Spreadsheet represents all of the current Tier 5 flyable starship players can get their hands on. It provides several tabs at the bottom dictating Fed Ships, KDF Ships, a Comparison between the two, Cruisers, Escort, Science Vessels, individual comparisons and the new Fleet System with what Tier each Fleet Ship can be obtained.

Does this spreadsheet include lower Tiered ships or Shuttles?

No, the reason for this is because lower tiered ships are not as important as T5 ones for a character, purely because of the fact that you won't spend forever in a lower Tiered ship (and with the Fleet System converting most of them for T5 anyways). Shuttles were not included for this reason because they are no better than T1 ships (which are not included).

It's too complicated!

This is the most efficient design of comparing T5 starships I could conceive. All of these stats are factual and bring a side-by-side comparison with their counterparts.

Where are the lockbox ships?

Lockbox ships were included in the Fed, KDF and Comparison tabs to signify they can be flown by both factions. The Jem'Hadar ships (the Bug, Dreadnought and Escort Carrier), the Temporal Destroyers and the Breen Chel Grett Warship are all in the Escort tab, the Galor and the D'Kora are both in the Cruiser tab and the two Tholian Ships with the Temporal Science Vessels are in the Science Vessels tab. The Freighter was included in the first three tabs but has no official designation, and is technically a T1 ship, so was not included in with Cruisers, Escorts or Science Vessels.

KDF Ships have a different classification, where do they fit in?

This was actually a simple solution. Raiders (aka. Bird of Prey's), Raptors and Destroyers all went into the Escorts tab, Battle Cruisers and Flight-Deck Cruisers were both included in the Cruisers tab and the Carriers with the Support Vessels were included in the Science Vessels tab. This was primarily based off their Commander Slots and what their aimed at function as a starship could/would/should be.

It's too hard here!

Go back to your cage Slamek!


You guys are free to copy this Spreadsheet all you wish to provide a personal comparison between ships of your choosing. Please note, I will be updating this everytime a new ship comes out, so expect a new comparison of ships in the "Ship Comparison" tab between the new ship(s) and any more closely-related/relevent ships.

Also, please point out any mistakes in stats or names on this spreadsheet. Point to a specific location and any other tabs it is included in so I can update it quickly. I shall provide an Update Log as I update the spreadsheet with fixes and new ships.

Hope this helps!
T5 Ship Comparison Spreadsheet
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