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01-02-2013, 03:32 PM
I am going to assume that you are interested in Space PvP. If that is the case:

1: Identify whether your character has the Accurate and Elusive traits.
2: If not, create a new character that has those traits, and don't waste any more time on the old one.
3: Port over costumes (using the Save and Load features in the costume creator), Dilithium (using the Dilithium exchange), and equipment (using your Account Bank) as needed.
4: Join an active PvP fleet.
6: Ask for help, information, builds, mechanics, teams you can be part of, etc.
7: Have fun, kill lots.

In terms of barriers to entry: As a well-specced, well-built, cheaply-equipped level 50, you start out at about 60% of your maximum capacity. The average skilled PvPer in a major-league PvP fleet operates around 90% of their maximum capacity. Your first 2000 Zen buys you up to 70% by getting you a tier 5(and a half) Fleet Ship. Your first 10 to 20 million energy credits gets you up to 75%, by getting you good weapons and consoles. Your first 30 hours of rep grinding (assuming somebody guiding you along an efficient method of doing it and a good STF team) will get you up to about 85%, which is more than sufficient to be an effective, contributing part of any PvP team, although you will not be winning many duels.

At this point, further progress becomes expensive and time consuming. Another 60 to 80 hours of rep grind will max out your reputation based passives and gear (this process will take several months because of timers, no matter how much time you spend grinding). Dumping more Zen into your character will give you improvements bit by bit. You can funnel over 300 million energy credits into a ship, just on consoles and weapons that people got from random drops.

For about a month worth of light grinding and about 20 dollars worth of Zen, you can PvP at a reasonable level of equality. A top of the line, maxed out, pay to win ship with all the trimmings and options for multiple configurations against changing threats, will set you back hundreds of hours of grinding, hundreds of millions of energy credits, and potentially hundreds of dollars.