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First off I want to be up front and say I don't agree with you. At least for the bit I highlighted. I'd also like to say that the Vet ship is the best battlecloaking ship the KDF has. It is. Really. Be happy flying it, I'm amazed more players don't.

I am curious though as to exactly what ship it was that you were flying, how you were flying it, and what you thought you gained by switching. And I'm not here to troll you and say your reasoning was faulty or any crap like that I really just want to know what your experiences with the system were.

I just went from a heavy bop to a norgh myself. I'm not entirely sure if that counts as an upgrade. It certainly looks cooler. Just tossed that out there so you'd know what ship I was flying (or captaining if sophies looking). I've PVP'd a bit in both of them. And I'm IN that ship because of the same things you mentioned. And that's why I'm curious. I'd like to know how given what seems to be the same circumstance, we had different outcomes.

Cheers and happy flying!!
I'd mainly fly arenas. I used Heavy BoP for my Tac and B'rel for my Sci. This means there's less of a luxary to sit around cloaked waiting for a perfect time to fight b/c you leave your teammates down 1 or more players unlike C&H and Rat space. It also means vs a decent team you'll need serious consistant pressure dps or you'd never break through their defenses.

This past year's steep power creep on the ships (among other things) has meant vs a decent team in these newer ships I'd be lucky to get a 2nd volley off before having to retreat, it also meant there was a far shorter window if any at all vs quality players to apply damage. It also meant more Boffs et al were spent on surviving the retreat and less on CC/Debuffs. I've had pets w/more hull than my Raiders. W/all the added defenses CC/Debuffs are very much needed.

This past year's power creep also puts it on the players to self police, so I'd have to weigh what build I felt was too OP or if I felt is was OP to use it to demonstrate it. This meant swapping things like Tet Glider, Plas Leech, later AMS, various Doffs in and out. There were the many Doff issues throughout the year more recently aux2batt, but also 15 sec evasive cooldowns, ALL teams on mininum cooldowns, sbc doffs, shield distro doffs, etc. I've heard some interesting rumors involving ground Romulan Reputation Doffs and cooldowns.

The KDF Vet ship is the best BC option for KDF. But, it has its own power creep issues and isn't the same in terms of nimbleness or Boff variety particularly for Sci Captains. Also, the Sci Consoles leave it a lacking option for Sci Captains.

The Sci Brel used to be 1 sci console behind Fed Sci ships, it's now 2. It used to have a DHC fit advantage it doesn't anymore. Sci Boff powers have been diminishing in powers vs misc console/ship/doff abilities (eg Time ship, weaver web, ams, vet ship shield drain, pet spam etc).