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*OOC: Sorry about a late reply had a lot to do today.*

*4 Hours ago*

Preston: *Neatly cut blonde hair behind a kind of mask visor with clear lenses.* Captain Dorman, you will be promoted as I have viewed your file. As both of us are Newtypes I can sense how you handle yourself and situations. I pride myself in taking care of not just my subordinates and men but people in general. You have to in this line of work. I will allow you to catch up on all that you missed, and manuals to catch up on the technology of the time. You will be assigned a ship and crew along with your choice of crew. Your assignment will be to aide Admiral Allen in establishing a site as you will patrol the area.

Dorman: I am guessing that this is not official really...

Preston: It is something I am giving you to do Admiral. For the good of the galaxy.

Dorman: Understood sir.

Preston: Is there anything else Admiral?

Dorman: *as he gets up and walks to the door.* That is a pretty flamboyant uniform sir..

Preston: *laughs* I heard that before Dorman.

Dorman: I will see you again sir.

Preston: No doubt.

*Hours later an Earth Hospice*

*Preston enters a room with a relaxing scene of Earth in orbit.. a elderly old man laying there.*

Old man: My child, how are you doing young one.

Preston: *walks over slowly and kneels in front of him.* I am fine father. I met Captain Dorman, that was a privilage in itself.

Father: Son... my time in this universe I can tell is not going to be long... *Preston hangs his head saddened.* Don't be sad my son... I have lived a good life, even though I have done terrible things...I think the one good thing I can say I have given is the means for this galaxy to heal and fix the mistakes of its the past... the politics of the past...

*raises his hand to his sons face looking into his deep vibrant blue eyes metallic because of his newtype status.*

The ones to correct these mistakes are starting to emerge... you my son... have emerged.. my great jewel I give the universe.

Preston: Father... what is on your mind...

Father: Your not born of normal means.. You are the jem of the project to create stable artificial newtypes.. You were created from many of the great Newtypes of the past... and bring redemption to the person you look just like...

Preston: I am a artificially made human?

Father: I was part of that sin over a hundred years ago... One that continued... One that I did not like very much... or agree with..

*Preston is silent... trying to process this..*

Father: My son... *tears well in his eyes..* Do you forgive a foolish old man... for what he has done...

Preston: ... I... I will.. Father... Who was I made from...

Father: You were created from Dorman, Allen, and mostly constructed from the genetic material from Northman... then made with the genetics of my late wife your mother...

Preston: ... Living out the rest of your life is penance enough and being reviled by everyone.. But not me... I am still your son.. Always... *takes his father's hand and sets it at his side.*