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Having fought against every type of enemy in the game a number of times, I am quite frustrated with my repeated failures against the Tholians, both in space and on the ground.

In space (specifically Tholian Red Alerts), I don't even know what's going on half the time. I zone in, find myself in a web within moments, try to take out the web nodes but can never seem to stop the web from crushing me. So I respawn, start clearing out the little guys and before I know it I'm in a damn web again. Crush. Death. Respawn. I try going after the big guys, and it goes well for a bit, but the minute I draw the hate of the fleet commander he drops me like a bad habit.

Concerning my space build, I am an Eng Captain piloting a D'Kora with all Polaron weaponry. I'm still working on both Romulan and Omega Rep so at the moment I'm using the Jem'Hadar shield and engine along with a Very Rare Mk XII Positron Deflector [EM][SIF][InC], since the J'H Deflector does nothing for me and you only need 2 set pieces to get the Polaron damage boost.

My space abilities are:
Tactical: TT1, C:SV1, C:SV2, Torp Spread 1
Engineering: EPtS1, EPtS2, EPtW1, RSP1, ET3, EWP3
Science: HE1, TSS2

My space Doffs are not fantastic, but I think they're at least passable:
Rare Maintenance Engineer (-6 seconds ET cooldown)
Uncommon Maintenance Engineer (-4 seconds ET cooldown)
Uncommon Warp Core Engineer (20% to give +15 power with EPtX)
Very Rare Matter-Antimatter Specialist (25% to immobilize for 3 seconds with EWP)
Rare Shield Distribution Officer (40% to regen shields with Brace for Impact)

On the ground (specifically on New Romulus, not so much Nukara), I keep getting mine nuked while being trapped inside mini-webs. Even if I manage to survive the mine nuke (destroying it before it goes off, getting out of the huge explosion radius), I survive it alone. All of my Boffs seem to adore that yellow glow, as they have NEVER moved away from it or even attacked it. They just huddle around it like it's a damn campfire.

For my ground build, I use Rare Sonic Dual Pistols against Tholians along with the J'H shield and armor (don't have better yet and I like the emergency shroud). I always use the Fabrication Kit with the Mortar, Turret, Drone and Medical Generator. Yet even with 2 drones, 3 stationary fabrications, 3 Boffs and the Shard of Possibilities keeping the web drones occupied, I'm still being wiped with unsettling regularity.

If anyone can offer me some pointers, whether focused on my builds or just the Tholians themselves, I would very much appreciate it. I also realize that combat with Tholians is relatively rare compared to many other enemies (ie Borg), but they're the only enemies I really have any trouble with, and it has finally reached a boiling point.