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01-02-2013, 04:33 PM
I enjoy ground combat. One thing I got used to from my days playing another MMO was the ability to tab target (press Tab to move to the next, closest target). One thing I have found while playing STO is that when I tab target here, there are times when I will go to some target 50 meters away instead of something standing right in front of me. I will tab again and once more, it will select a target quite far off instead of something right in front of me.

At times, I will pretty much spam Tab and it will still not lock onto something standing in front of me so I have no choice but to mouse target it which can be annoying for someone like me who uses the mouse sparingly during missions.

My question is simply is there something I am not doing right? With my old MMO, it just auto targeted mobs in front of me. I realize this is a different game, different engine, so I am sure they made targeting a little different here. Is there any way to ensure that I get a target in front of me and not something 45-60 meters off in the distance? (Unless it's the next closest target of course) I have literally had mobs less than half a meter in front of me, yet the tab target will still select something much further away.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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