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01-02-2013, 05:37 PM
Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
I swap consoles between my ships as needed. Like you, I only have 1 Tachyokinetic Converter console. I usually have it on my Mobius, but since the Breen ship is seeing a lot of action, I moved the console to it for now.

Tachyokinetic Converter + Borg Universal Assimilated Module + Zero Point Energy Conduit = 8.9 base critical hit rate and around +66.8% Critical Severity, AKA WIN!

The Kinetic Cutting Beam sux on its own, but when it procs with the Borg console, your weapons stay near 125 weapon power for 3 seconds per proc. This translates to a lot more DPS if you're running lots of high drain energy weapons like DHC's and turrets. Lastly, the cutting beam scores double damage against exposed hulls once you breach the target's shields. If you run a full borg set, its cutting beam + borg tractor beam becomes a nasty finisher weapon, scoring 2k kinetic damage (4k exposed hull damage) per second for 10 seconds.
I'm not a fan of swapping consoles. Much too lazy, and I've had times where I forgot one. That's why I did Assimilated three times to get the Assimilated Module. One for my shuttle, one for my ship, and one to play around with.

I get 7.2% critical hit with my escort, so I ended up not putting the Zero-Point Energy Converter on it. Since I had the console, I figured I'd slap it on the Breen ship to make up for not having the Tackyokinetic Converter for it. Working fine so far (of course, I've only taken it to one STF).

I'll give the kinetic cutting beam a shot for a bit.