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So, like many other players, I unlocked T5 Romulan reputation. And I wanted the Romulan Entourage non-combat pet to follow me around. It's actually kind of cool, and something I wanted in-game for a while (the whole idea of diplomats and aides following you around like you're important).

That said, I have to say I was fairly disappointed from an artistic perspective regarding the romulans -- mainly because I was hoping they'd be more aesthetically pleasing than the reman entourage (I didn't get the reman entourage because I don't like the way remans look, but that's just personal preference).

First of all, they're way too tall. My character is like 6 foot tall(ish). The Romulan entourage stands at a massive 7 or 8 feet tall. Not particularly realistic since most Romulans are rather average-sized. I know players like to make their character super-tall, but I hold Cryptic's artists to a higher standard and expect realistic aliens as seen in the Star Trek IP.

Second of all, their faces look way too disfigured. They can barely pass as humanoid, let alone romulan. Their brows are way too protruded, to the point you can barely see their eyes. They have unrealistic comically exaggerated chins and jaws. It's almost as if one of the artists at Champions Online jumped over to Star Trek Online and created the Romulan Entourage NPCs with the perspectives of a comic book NPC from our sister game.

And they both look alike. The entourage consists of twin brothers. There's no variety. There's no randomness. An entourage should be extremely diverse. If different romulan diplomats can't appear each time you activate/deactivate the non-combat pet, then the same two romulans should look extremely different from one another. One male, one female, or one dark-skinned, one light-skinned, one with different hair than the other (even though most Romulans all have the bowl cut, there is diversity in STO regarding bowl cuts).

Last, but not least... they're both in the brawler stance. Am I to believe that romulan diplomats following me around are going to look around them looking for a fight, despite Mol'Rihan encouraging and embracing a more peaceful Romulan government? Also taking into account they're supposed to be a non-combat pet?

On the plus side:

The romulan robes look absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I particularly like the metallic hair decorations on their sideburns. I thought they were communication devices, but upon further inspection they look decorative, and it's very cool.

I'm also really impressed with their idle chatter, but a lot of what they say sounds extremely out of place given the stance they're in, and their comically unrealistic appearance.

Romulans in STO look normal. They look like normal romulans. Even Hakeev looks normal (if distinguished given his role as a villain). But these romulan entourage NPCs look like eyesores, truth be told.

I would personally suggest using templates based on existing Romulan NPCs (there are plenty around the game), and putting them in those robes. I would also change their stances to the thoughtful stance -- since they are diplomats and while Romulans aren't vulcan, Romulans are the sort to appear stoic and attentive. The brawler stance looks more appropriate for klingons, not the romulans. I would also consider the relaxed stance or the stern stance.

I would also consider putting in a behavior so that they'd do different idle animations as they're summoned. Maybe an animation where they write on a PADD, or they laugh perform a conversation emote while saying something.

Just my honest critique. If anyone else has unlocked and purchased the Romulan entourage, what do you think of their art?  39147