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01-02-2013, 05:57 PM
The problem with STO is that all the combat is based on regenerating health based on ability, rather than properly tanking based on a long game of managing your health. This is the difference between playing Counterstrike and Halo. One has finite health which when lost is basically gone, the other rewards you with a regen if you survive long enough to regen.

Its a totally different way to design a combat mechanic and it shows in the pacing but one thing no matter whether you like it or not is true, and thats that Trek was never a regen kind of combat universe. You lost your shields, your ablative armor started to buckle, and thats when you had to figure out if you were going to pull off a victory or not, not wait for the shields to miraculously regenerate somehow.

This is where you enter the conceit of an MMO and the window dressing used to sell us on it. STO isn't really Trek, its just a Trek uniform thrown over an altogether un-Trek set of mechanics. Some of it really does work on a Trek level, but mostly its just a facile proxy that misses the mark quite a bit.

It won't change, it'll never be like real Trek space combat, not unless the dynamics shift to significantly favour HP sustainability, but thats a lot to ask after they've already overhauled the skills and we're deeply into low cost F2P times.

Asking for this to be like Bridge Commander is like every person on the TOR forums asking them to make it into a SWG sandbox. Its just not on the map of where they meant to take it.