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Since Season 7, my NVidia GForce 640 has had hangs, always with Windows telling me that the display driver stopped responding and has recovered. The latest patch caused people to have skin that flashes black and white. I fear for people who suffer epilepsy say this is definitely within range of the trigger. What's more, I can "fix" the problem by going into troubleshooting and forcing Framerate Stabilizer "On" in Troubleshooting. I have updated to the latest NVidia drivers and that didn't help at all. I do get a strange Direct 3D error at the bottom of my character selection screen after the launcher finishes running, as well. Major NVidia cards that are not overclocked (and that, like most others, had no prior problems running this game) should not experience such issues. This is why most companies have a QA team. I'm all for new content, but I'd much rather Season 8 be delayed three months and all of these "minor" problems addressed in a release.