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01-02-2013, 07:26 PM
If participants took the time to investigate the broken status of these abilities and there being no effective counter against them, then there would be no issues with not allowing them in this tournament.

The vested nature in a lot of PvPers is of honorable proportions since most of them acknowledge some of the broken concepts being employed/released by Devs in this game.

There is a reason why a lot of us refuse to run the full temporal set, tric mines, grav pulses, AMS etc. There has been a lot of due diligence when testing things out in this game. It isn't that "we can't beat it". A lot of us can beat that stuff, but there is merited truth behind the idea of providing feedback on things that do need a nerf. Like tric mines which are an blunt obvious over powered weapon when used in junction with dispersal patterns.

Now if this tournament is "not worth it" for you, then it's because you are unable to participate due to your heavy reliance on a certain set of things. Being one dimensional is perhaps the downfall of most of the creativity that can be achieved in this game when making a premade. I regret not to see all those that rely on all of that stuff to win.

The other side to this is the presumed stupidity of those that don't run this stuff. Are we stupid not to run it? The answer is no, we acknowledge stuff that's broken and try our best to provide feedback on working on it. Otherwise, we'd be glad to use "time inversion" on everyone while we nuke/scan/alpha, tric bomb, grav pulse, ams, etc.

Can you imagine someone doing that to you? Would you want to play a game like that? I can tell you this much, if the more seasoned PvP teams decided to run this stuff, there would be no sense in competition in this game.