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01-02-2013, 07:38 PM
Elite Peregrines could, instead of a turret, get DHCs and Rapid Fire. If nothing else that's the basic setup for the playable Peregrine, so it's a logical progression and distinguish it from the Elite Scorpion.

I dunno about canonical status of this, but if Elite Deltas get Charged Particle Burst to go with their Tachyons and Transphasics that would be cool.

Advanced Stalkers have a Tetryons (shield damage), Antiproton Sweep (anti cloak/shield damage), high stealth (but not Mask Energy Sig), and Thoron Device (Aux power drain + sensor jam). I think Elite Stalkers should get some kind of power drain ability. Energy Siphon would be cool, and would make up the Fed side version of Siphon Drones. Then again Stalkers are already overflowing with gimmicks, so maybe just a weapon upgrade seems more likely.