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01-02-2013, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
since I am using all trico consoles I put 2 CrtH x3 tricobalt torps up front so I have something to do in between my mine laying every 30 secs. It hits as hard as a tricobalt mine with HY3,
Okay, but what you have to compare it to is Deployment Beta 2. If a HY3 tricobalt torpedo does as much damage as a mine, then DPB2 does 200% more damage with the same cooldown time and tactical slot. Yes, the torpedo has a better range, but the further away you shoot the slow-moving warhead the more likely that it will be shot down and the less control you have over the disposition of the target when it hits.

It seems unimpressive if you aren't using it fully buffed up by a tac captain with all tricobalt consoles.
Meanwhile I can get good mileage out of other torpedoes as a not-tactical captain with minimal buffs and infrastructure investment. Even for juiced up tacscorts, consider how much damage a quantum launcher can do if you specialize your entire ship into being a quantum torpedo delivery platform.