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I have pretty much read everything there is to read about the various kinds of T5 Escorts available on stowiki. And also the very helpful comparison by ooiue

I have narrowed down my options to one of two ships. Bare in mind, my fleet still only operates a Tire 2 Shipyard so some of the Fleet ships are off the radar for the time being. So just based on ships I can buy with Zen or direct from the shipyard.

Based on experience I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get to select the better of the ships. Bare in mind that I currently fly the Captain level Tactical Escort Refit. The options are:

1)Tactical Escort Retrofit
2)Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit
3)Heavy Escort Carrier

Till date I have't played PvP and I have no plans to do so in the next few months. Just playing storyline missions and other stuff. Looking forward to your thoughts!
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