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Originally Posted by samb0wski View Post
I have pretty much read everything there is to read about the various kinds of T5 Escorts available on stowiki. And also the very helpful comparison by ooiue

I have narrowed down my options to one of two ships. Bare in mind, my fleet still only operates a Tire 2 Shipyard so some of the Fleet ships are off the radar for the time being. So just based on ships I can buy with Zen or direct from the shipyard.

Based on experience I would greatly appreciate any advice I can get to select the better of the ships. Bare in mind that I currently fly the Captain level Tactical Escort Refit. The options are:

1)Tactical Escort Retrofit
2)Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit
3)Heavy Escort Carrier

Till date I have't played PvP and I have no plans to do so in the next few months. Just playing storyline missions and other stuff. Looking forward to your thoughts!
At this point it more or less depends on your chosen style of play. Statistically speaking the Blockade Runner Retrofit (i.e. Steamrunner) outclasses practically everything on your list, including the Fleet variants. It is a Fleet/Lockbox ship in all but acquisition method (i.e. Steam). The only thing that beats it is arguably the Jem'Hadar bug, but that's not on your list.

HOWEVER, the Steamrunner doesn't have 5 tactical console slots, like the Fleet Defiant does. That ship has greater potential damage, but is less survivable, a true "glass cannon". If you choose the Defiant-R (i.e. Tac Escort Retrofit), you also gain a non-battle cloak and the ability to use quad cannons (though those aren't ideal in the most optimized builds) and your pretty Sao Paolo skin. On sheer value-for-money, the Defiant-R wins out. And with a Tier 3 shipyard it's already available to you once you scrounge up the Fleet Modules. Sadly you can't avail of the discount. Only owners of the Defiant Retrofit from the C-store (and not the Veteran VA ship bonus token) qualify.

HOWEVER again, the Armitage (and its Fleet version) has two things neither the Steamrunner nor the Defiant-R have: A hangar, and a lieutenant commander Engineer slot. It'll do slightly less damage overall due to a lack of a Lt. Commander Tactical post, but has access to higher-level engineering powers, and is very survivable. The Fleet Armitage can give even the Bug and Steamrunner, which have higher base shield and hull, a run for their money because of this slot, as well as its ability to deploy fighters, shuttles, repair drones and runabouts to augment its damage, powers or survivability. Lastly, the Fleet Armitage is available with just a Tier 1 shipyard, so if you own it you can already access it.

So, the big question here is how you want to play. If you just want purely higher stats, the Steamrunner is yours. If you want to hit hard, health be damned, pick up the Retrofit, and later the Fleet version. And if you want to survive a lot of what the enemy can throw at you, plus have a few little friends to help, the Armitage is what you want.