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Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
Alright, I came up with a loadout for which I would like to hear your feedback. I went with the Aventine as it was the variant most people suggested (and 4 tac console slots are just insanely strong). I still have respec tokens left, so I'm redoing my skills as well. Here is the Skillset I came up with:


Fore: 3x Aux Phaser DHCs
Rear: 1x Phaser Beam Array, 2x Tricobalt Mine Launcher

2x Neutromium Alloy
3x Field Generator 1x Phaser Lance or whatever it's called.
4x Phaser Relay

I didn't test it yet as I don't want to commit the respec until I get some feedback. I never used mines before, not sure that Boff Skill & Weapon Loadout will work due to possibly shared cooldowns.

The idea is to pin targets in place with Gravity Well, deal constant damage with the DHCs and sweep in and leave nasty mines with Disersal Pattern Beta to top things off.

Not sure yet which Set I'll pick for this.

IMO, there is no reason to take 2 tricobalt mine launchers. You can fire 1 with one of the mine patterns, but it places the other on a global cool down iirc. CDs on tric are very long.

You would be better off with another array for use with subsystem attack or another turret.
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