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01-02-2013, 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by cdrgadley View Post
I really don't understand the selfishness here.
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Beats "FUTURISTIC GLOWING THINGS ON IT .... IN THE FUTURE!" ... oh and we got those uniforms because Cryptic inherited then from the Countdown comics that used Perpetual Entertainment design, thankfully we seem to have moved on from then with Odyssey uniform being on line with later EU Trek uniform designs that are in terms a natural evolution of the 2373 uniform.
And it's about time! Perpetual had some good ideas, but the aesthetic design they had was horrible. Those uniforms do not look Trek, they do not feel Trek, they are not Trek. I could see them as the outfits/uniforms as some random race of the week to be saved/killed. But nothing a Starfleet Officer would wear.

The Odyssey uniforms should replace the other uniforms on all the NPC's throughout the game world, and the Antares and Sierra potato sacks (*ahem* uniforms) relegated elsewhere.