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01-02-2013, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by ferowsi View Post
I'm saving up for the defiant right now! Thank you all for your help.

As for the Steamrunner, when Cryptic releases torpedoes that can be fired above the 10 KM range(A pipe dream I know), I'll get the Steamrunner.

If you've played the Star Trek RTS you'll know why, the Steamrunner was a torpedo boat and I loved that little ship. I went tac with my original human stfo because I thought I could get the steamrunner.
fear not sir!

i can show you how to build that steamie to tank like a boss, and deliver amazing alphas....

sturdier than the defiant....not as punchy as the jem hadar... and no need for torps!

pm @CaptainHorizon in game!

have fun kill bad guys