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01-02-2013, 09:20 PM
There has been ZERO feed back about the ancient bridge officer ability extends being "broken".

The people who are NOW going on these forums to complain about the extends bridge officer ability have:

A) Have been been hanging out with a crowd who has no idea what a photonic shockwave is or what it does.
B) Have no idea what a new photonic shockwave doff does
C) Have no idea how to work a tractor beam repulsor (watch some of my vids)
D) Have no idea what a sub nuke is
E) Don't know how to target shields and;
F) You found it now to come on here and provide feedback about something that is widely in use and quite clean in it's use and it's counter by nearly everyone that play pvp in this game.

We have been talking about inversion field, and tipler console for weeks and weeks, long before the tournament was scheduled or thought of. And now you come on here upset now?

Trying to stir stuff up? Both in OPVP and on here? People who do this talk, and don't play the game. If the rules are harsh on you, then employ a creative thought process and come up with something less one dimensional.

Those few "popular fleets" have taken the stance on maintaining their set ups clean. Most notably and recently, Nova Core. The other fleets that run/try to run clean setups and acknowledge the necessity on providing feedback on this stuff are:

Sad Pandas
Lag Ind
Proteus (now starting to working on their stuff)
32nd Vipers (Getting there)
Inner Circle

If I forgot your fleet name, I apologize. But these fleets and the people in these fleets and the leaders of these fleets have taken upon themselves to employ partially, or in total regard to employ a forward stance on acknowledging these things. These are gaming communities that are forward thinking in terms of the game needing work and providing feedback for it.

As I recall, your fleet participated in the rule making process. Your fleet agreed on extends being present.
So when you come off and yell at Pascal like you yelled at me in your TS that TRH made these rules, and try to sabotage his tournament because the rules hurt your feelings then you're gravely mistaken.

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