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Originally Posted by bugspatteredjack View Post
Has anyone noticed that occasionally some Borg Elite's (i.e. Donatra's ship) is damn well near impossible to kill? I play daily and sometimes it feels like it has gotten too easy, I don't die once but other days it's literally just not going to happen... not to mention all the invisible kill shots taking you out with one shot no less. Than, worse, ppl start bailing and you have just wasted an hour .... sigh.

I agree with everyone here though, its a great way to learn. I have walked away with mainly greens and on occasion with 6 Borg Neural Processors in one go. Thus, dill count is high on a daily basis for me so in that way its worth it.
I just wanna point this out........... Playing Elite PvE and playing Elite STFs is not the same

Meet the learning Curve of STO....

_______________________________________________ Then All of a sudden u hit a straight line! Here. (I cant do it with the forum formatting... I tried..)

Lvl 1 ________________________________________Lvl 45_______Elite STFs

Lvls 1 thru 50 in STO even on elite are a straight line of a learning curve. When you hit STFs its like going from crawling to driving a Lamborghini with no knowlage of the roads your on, how the car handles, And its a manual, and you have no idea what the clutch does.
Its like telling a 5 Year old to go make his own breakfast lunch and dinner. He will look at you... Go What? Then ull be forced to make him food. Once u reach STFs in STO, Its like going from being driven around fro 40 years, to having to drive your own car, at night, on a narrow winding road, covered in ice. Sure im sure about 1% of ppl will be sucsessful. But the vast majority hit Elite STFs like a wall.

Just saying!

While playing on Elite from start to finish helps... Its still a brick wall....


Elite Dificulty was really truly made for ppl like me, who get bored of STO, and want something more interesting. Normal Missions, I can litiraly beat with my eyes closed. Now if I switch to elite, I might have to add 1 more button to spam when my eyes are closed.

Its for ppl who are good in STO, to find something harder when they are bored. The ratio...
Loot:Time for an average first time STO player is about

1:10 Normal
1:20 Elite

The time gained by a normal player playing elite is not justified by rewards.

To be fair, playing on advanced is the fastest way to lvl. Advanced is not hard enough to add time, but has a better reward table to keep a better Loot:Time:Skill ratio then the other 2.